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Episode 7: Nice Meeting You

Episode 7: Nice meeting You...


The rain falls heavily…as two girls and two young men sort of having a commotion.

"Miss, wake up!" Blaise said as he holds Fira in his arms.
"What's wrong with your friend, miss?" Raven asked Ding.
"I'm sorry about that. She's just like that…just let her rest for a while." answered Ding.
"Sure." said Blaise as he took of his jacket and put it on the ground, since it’s all muddy. And he laid Fira under the tree.
Ding went closer to Fira and went closer to her ears."Hey Fira, wake up, wake up… Blaise is here! And he’s worried about you, wake up." Ding whispered in Fira's ear.

Fira's ears perked up and suddenly sat up. "What did you just sa----.."
"Oh I'm glad your okay, miss." Blaise said, his face near Fira's.
'Oh my! It is Blaise! Ding wasn't joking!' Fira thought.
"She's alright, just surprised." Ding told them.

"Well, that's good." Raven told her.
"Thanks for the wake up call Ding." Fira said.
"So your name is Ding… Cute name." Raven said as he looks at Ding.
Ding blushed and looks the other way "A-arigatou…Raven…"
"And you are?" Blaise asked as he offered his hand to Fira.
"F-fira, its nice t-to meet you... Blaise." she said as she reached for his hand, shaking.
"Fira, that name is hot." he joked.
"Thanks." said Fira with a little snicker. 'Oh my!! He said my name is hot!!'
"We can't get anywhere while it's still raining. I guess we’re stuck here for a while." Raven said.
"Yeah..." Ding sighed.
"Judging by your uniform, I'd say your from Hisachiku high school, right?" Blaise asked.
"Yes, we are. Your concert was fantastic! You were all great." Fira said, while staring at Blaise.
"Thanks, it's nice to hear that you students liked it." said Blaise smiling at Fira.
'I want the rain to stop because I'll get all wet but…it's not everyday that you can be with members of the popular group Ten-Nights. In this case, two members of the group. Uhh…now I feel like I don't want the rain to end.' Ding thought as she stares at the droplets of rain.


Sometimes…things come unexpectedly…not knowing that it is already there… The rain…that moment…

"Here…" a deep voice said handing a trench coat to Akede.
"Huh? N-no thanks… I'm fine…" Akede said, pushing Ran's hand away.
Ran sighed, and it sounds like an angel passed by…
Akede kept quiet, her mind was struggling for what she is in now.
Then a sudden warmth awaken her. She founds herself covered with the coat Ran was offering her. "Eh?"
Ran smiled at her "Its not good for a student to get wet…you might get sick… You want to be a flunk out?"
"Wh-what?!" Akede questioned Ran, having a surprised face.
Ran silently laughed, "I’m just joking..."
Again there was silence.
"You're the girl that I met a while ago at the hallway, right?"
"Umm…yes…" Akede nodded.
"May I know your name?"
"S-Sha A-Akede..." said Akede getting kind of nervous.
"Nice name… Akede…" whispered Ran.

Again, there was silence. Just like Ran's quiet face. Only the droplets of rain can be heard. No cars, no students, just the two of them.

"Ran…how come you're so quiet?" asked Akede.
"Is it important? This is how I am… No need to ask." said Ran.
"I…I'm sorry…"Akede apologized. "Im just curious…that's all…" Akede explained as she looked down. Then she felt somebody pats her head. She looked up and saw Ran smiling at her.
"Sorry about that… I can see you're a very nice girl…" said Ran.
Akede stopped and stared at Ran, her heart pounding, and violins everywher! "R…Ran…"
Ran removed his hand from her head and smiled at her. He slowly looks down and his face came back to the same-old-quiet-Ran-face.

Droplets of rain continuously to fall…

"Hey Aioni."
"Yes Jason?" Aioni asked nervously.
"Maybe you could tell me about yourself?" Jason asked as he gives a grin to Aioni.
"A-about me? You w-want to know about m-me?" said Aioni as she points herself.
"Yes, if it's alright with you."
"It's alright, I don't mind. But, what about?"
"Well, I was wondering…do you have a b.f.?" Jason asked as he looked above.
"A b.f.? Y-you mean?" Akede said…kind of blushing.
"Yeah, you know…a b.f.? A Best friend?" said Jason, smiling at her.
She sighs 'Phew, I nearly got embarrassed. That was close…' she thought.
"Aioni? Is something wrong?" Jason asked.
"No, not at all. Well yeah, I have four best friends. Ding, Iris, Fira and Akede. We're great friends." Aioni said with a cute smile on her face.
"That's nice..."Jason smiled at Aioni, too.
"Why did you ask?"
Jason didn’t say a word. He stood up and stretched his arms, then he looks at Aioni."Heh, what did they say when they saw that I gave you that doll?"
She giggled softly "They're happy for me, a little jealous though."
"Ran didn't give his bear away though."
"Ran? Oh! The red haired one."
"Yeah, he said he had a hard time finding who he should give it to."
'Poor Akede...' she thought.


Iris and Drake were carefully walking under Drake's umbrella. Iris couldn't be happier.
"Iris, is your house still far?" Drake asked as he continues to walk.
"N-no, not that much. I'm sorry to be a bother to you." Iris answered.
"It's alright. It's my pleasure." Drake said as he smiles at Iris.Iris hides her face with a blush and said "I really appreciate it."
As they were getting closer they saw a stray dog. It looked like it wanted to bite them. It started barking and was drooling…
"Oh my…" Iris whispered as she step backwards.
"Let's just walk slowly, maybe it will go away." said Drake as he holds Iris.
The dog barked wildly and started to roar then it suddenly ran towards them.
"Ahh!!" Iris screamed as she hides at Drake's back.
"I don’t want to do this but…" Drake took a stone and threw it at the dog.
It hit the on the head and the dog ran away and left them alone. Drake just looked away and then looked behind him. He saw Iris holding on his back.
"Are you alright Iris? Did it frighten you?" he asked as he wrapped his arms around her.
Iris blushed "Y-yes. I'm alright. Thank you."
"It's alright. Everything is okay now. It's a good thing I accompanied you." Drake said as he smiled at Iris.
"Yes... I'm very grateful..."Iris smiled and bowed down as a sign of thanks.
"So shall we get going?" Drake asked.
"Hai..." Iris nodded

And they kept on walking as Iris has a smiling face while Drake put his arm around her shoulder.


Another moment to cherish… A dream come true… A dream we wish that never ends… But what can we do...? We don’t have forever…

"Hey, the rain stopped...." said Raven as he opened his palm checking if its really gone.
"Yeah, I guess we can get going now Fira…" Ding said while she picks her things.
"Is that so…? Aww… I was planning if we can invite you for a cup of tea… Well, I guess we'll reserve that for next time." Blaise said smiling at the two.
Fira suddenly paused 'Awww… That was so nice of my Blaise…but yet…a cup of tea? Why not?' she got those things on her head.
"I guess we'll see you girls next time. Take care, alright?" said Blaise as him and Raven starts to walk.
"Yes, it's been nice talking with you guys…" said Fira as she bowed down and bids goodbye.
"Take care, too…" said Ding as she waved at them.
"Ja~" said Blaise as he was a afar…
As two of the nights was out of site…Fira sighed and has a dreamy face. And she puts her hands on Dings shoulder and shook her.
"I can't believe it Ding! I was able to talk to Blaise!! Oh my god!! I wish it didn’t end! I would gladly die right now!!" said Fira, while shaking Ding.
"Uh…Yeah…" said Ding with a shaky voice.
Until Fira let her go.
"I know how you feel. Oh Raven…" Ding whispered with a blush on her face.


It may be cold…but I feel the warmth… It was peaceful…but I guess it won’t last…

"Hey, it stopped raining." Akede said as she looked at the sky.
"Yeah… I guess you'd better get going." said Ran as he handed Akede's bag.
"Yeah, I guess so." said Akede, shyly looking down.
"Take care…" Ran said as he looked at Akede.
"You too. Ja~ Ran!" Akede said happily while she runs toward the gate.
"…Ja…" said Ran "…Akede…" he whispered as he stood up and starts to walk.


"Hey, it stopped raining..." Jason said as he stood up and smiled at Aioni.
Aioni stood up. "Yeah, I guess I'd better get home now."
"Yeah, see you next time. Ja Aioni!" he shouted as he went on his way.
"Ja~…Jason…" she whispered as she turns back and went her way back home.


"Look, it stopped raining." Drake said as he removed his umbrella.
"It did. Well, here I am anyway. Thank you..." Iris replied as she bowed down.
"It was nothing. I'm happy to help. Well, I guess I'll be on my way. I hope to see you again soon." said Drake.
"Yeah, well see you next time…Drake." smiled Iris.
"Ja Iris!" he said as he waved bye.
"J-ja~…Drake…" she whispered.


The girls were all very happy as they reached home. It may be just an encounter but they will never forget the day they've had…
to be continued…

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Night 6: Rain

Night 6: Rain

"How about a stroll in the park for a while?" the brown haired boy suggested as he stretched his arms upwards.
"I'll come with you. I guess a stroll will relax me a bit." Raven answered as he put on his leather jacket. "How about you Drake?"
The guy with specs waved his hand as a sign of disagreement, "I'll pass, I'll walk home, and I'm very tired."
"See you around then." Blaise said, closing the door behind them leaving Drake behind. After some while, Drake took his bag and went out of the locker room, too.


At the park, two teens were sitting under a Sakura tree, chatting and daydreaming.

"I would just love to be with Blaise here in the park, walking hand in hand under the moonlight." Fira sighed.
"And After ten years, Fira is still caught in her own world." Ding giggled. "Earth to Fira, earth to Fira."
Fira sat still, her eyes in deep thought and she sighed.
Ding got a bit irritated that some nerves were popping out of her head. Ding shook Fira, "Fira, wake up!" she still stood there like she never heard a word. Then Ding suddenly got an idea, "Hey Fira, Blaise is here." she whispered.
"He is? Where?" Fira sprang up looking for Blaise from left to right, right to left, front to back, back to front. "I don't see him anywhere Ding. Where is he?"
Ding was laughing. "I knew it would work!"
Nerves popped out of Fira's head. "Why you…I was day dreaming!!! And I was at the best part!!!" Fira started choking Ding.
"You wouldn't…ack!…listen…*choke*…to me…" Ding said, finally as she got Fira's hand off her neck.


"I really really REALLY hate these home works…" Akede complained.
All the people inside the library looked at her.
Akede sweat dropped. "A…hehe…Gomen." She made a peace sign at them.

Akede started scribbling down notes again. She sighed. "I'm definitely going to sleep here…I'm bored!" she said placing her chin on top of her palms. "Why is it always me?"
Then she was in deep silence, she remembered the scene a while ago at the hallway. She open her back-pack and look at the stuffed bear…she smiled gently "Well...I wouldn’t mind that much…if it's 'always' me." She giggled and cuddles the bear.


"I guess here's where we separate paths Aioni." Iris said as they came to an intersection.
There was no reply.
"Aioni?" Iris looked at her friend.
Aioni was cuddling her doll.
"You're making me envious!"
"Nani?" Aioni asked innocently.
"Nothing…" Iris sighed.
"Ne, looks like we're in the intersection already."
"That's what I've been trying to tell you."
Iris nodded, "Ja, I need to go now. I'm really tired."
"Hai, I’d better get ready for mom's yelling." Aioni joked.
The two bid goodbye to each other and each take their separate routes.

Droplets of rain were starting to fall down. Iris held her palm out to check whether it is really raining. A droplet fell on her palm.
'Just great... My house is still far...' Iris thought.

The rainfall got heavier. Iris covered her head with the book she was holding. "Now I'm soaking wet..." she sighed. "Good luck becomes bad luck."


When the rain fell, Fira stood up. "How am I going to get home?" she complained, leaning on the tree's bark.
"In any way, we're still dry." Ding tried to cheer her up.
"But then, our books aren't." Fira pointed out on the bench.
Ding hurriedly gets their things.
"Now my things are wet…" Ding sighed.

Ding's eye caught two figures running towards the same cherry blossom tree, "Eh? Who're those?"
"Maybe they are just passers-by only looking for shelter because of the rain." Fira shrugged.

"This is great. First we get tired and now, we're wet!"
"Its just luck Blaise."
"This is what you call bad luck Raven."

Then Fira's ears perked up. "Did you hear that Ding?"
"Hear what? All I can hear right now is the falling rain." Ding said.
Fira pulled Ding and leaned her close to the tree. "Now hear that?"
"Of course I hear it. Somebody's complaining about the rain."
Fira's nerves were popping out, "Not that silly… It's Blaise and Raven!" Fira exclaimed.
"R-raven…?" Ding suddenly blushed.

"Looks like we're not the only ones here Blaise." The longhaired said as he heard some voices.
"Guess so." Blaise replied peaking around the bark. "Hi girls." Blaise said.
Fira fainted, and Blaise caught her. "Oi, miss…wake up."
Ding just sighed.


Aioni was running down the slippery street. "I'm already running late and I'm still caught up in this rain."

There is a covered bench in front of her.
"Good…shelter." Aioni said in relief as she got under the cover.
Aioni sat down on the bench.
"Ouch." Somebody cried.
"Oops… Gomen." Aioni said as she sprang up. She looked back at the bench. Dumbfounded on what she saw, she was speechless.
"It's okay." The man said.
"That's me." he said, brushing his clothes.

'I can't believe it… I'm…I'm with Jason!!!' Aioni's thoughts were screaming inside of her. Aioni grasps the doll tighter.
Jason looked at the doll, "Hey, so you're the one I gave a stuffed toy." He smiled.
'He remembers me!'
"Uh…you okay miss?"
"I'm ok..." Aioni smiled, a small blush appeared on Aoini's cheeks.
"Why don't you sit here?" Jason said patting the seat beside him.
"Uh…Hai…" Aioni did what she was told too.
"What's your name, miss?"
"Aioni? Hmm…a nice name."
Aioni blushed.


Akede just finished her homework and was about to go home when it rained.

"Could days just get any worse? Jeez…" Akede sat on one of the benches near the gate.
Somebody sat down near her. He seems down. Akede looked at him. "Are you okay?" she asked.
The lad looked at her, then looked back at his feet.
'Oh my! It's Ran!'


Iris was walking fast with her book covering her head. "I need to reach home and then dry myself..." Iris planned.
Not looking where she's going, Iris bumped into someone.
"Gomenasai…" Iris said.
"It's okay. You're soaking wet." The man holding an umbrella said. "Daijobou?"
Iris looked at the man then she realizes who he is. "Drake...?"
The man nodded. "Hai."
Iris blushed.
"You are?"
"Iris." She muttered.
"Cute name."
"Arigatou." Iris smiled.
"I think I'll accompany you to your house. You're wet and it's not good for a young lady like you to be alone on the streets." Drake smiled.
"I can manage. Thanks for the offer."
"I insist."

to be continued...

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Night 5: Surprise Concert Part2

Night 5: Surprise Concert part2

After some performances of Ten-Nights in Hisachiku HS. After those upbeat R&B performances comes the mild and sweet one. The stage was black and there was only a dim light until they heard someone whispering a song…he says "Saranghae.." (*it means I love you). Until the light increases and they saw the boys are sitting in a stool, then all of them started singing. The girls noticed that each of them was holding a stuff toy. They continue on singing. Then the five of them stood up and started to walk towards the stairs of the stage. They got off the stage and walks around the seats. They were smiling at everyone. It looks like they were hunting some people to give their stuff toys to...

"EEEK!!! They got off the stage!" said Akede.
"And they're wandering everywhere!!" Iris said, and she is all red.
"OH NO!!" shouts Ding.
"J-Jason…is…c-coming...h-here..." Aioni said as she is looking at Jason…all red…
"Yeeeeee!! Look Aioni, she's coming towards you…" Fira said as she pushed her to Jason.

Jason was smiling at her while he raps silently… He handed the stuff toy he was holding to Aioni.
Aioni was all red and whispers "Thank you…" Jason just smiled at her then pats her and heads his way back.
Aioni ran towards her friends, and she was all red…

"He gave me a stufftoy…" she said silently as she cuddles the bear.
"WAAAA~~ WE ENVY YOU!!" the four said.
"Wai?" said Aioni.
"Awww…that's cute… I hope Drake gives me one too." said Iris as she pokes the doll.
"Me too…" said Ding.
"Me three…" continued Akede.
"I want a kiss! Weehee~" said Fira having a smirk in her face.
"WHAT!?" said the other four.
"Hey! I'm just joking." said Fira.

The boys headed back to the stage and continue singing. Hours later, the concert ended. It was fun. Especially to Aioni.

"You're so lucky got to have a stuff toy from 'your love'." said Fira.
"Maybe you caught Jason's eye because you're so cute." Iris smiles.
"Yeah…but Raven is so cool. The way he sings and dance." said Ding.
"They were all great...." said Akede. "But Ran was too quiet..." Akede adds.

They make their way to their lockers. Good thing the concert took all their time for the afternoon classes. So its dismissal!

"I’m going to head home now. How about you guys?" asked Iris.
"I’m going to stroll around the park with Ding." said Fira.
"I'll tag along with you Iris." said Aioni.
"Wha?! So I'm the only one left here?" said Akede
"Why? Extra home works?" Fira asked.
Akede nodded. "Its okay. I can manage here alone. Ja~"
"Ja~… Take care okay?" said Ding.
"Hai!" Akede waved at them and went inside already.

The four girls went on already, leaving Akede in the school. While at the locker room back at the auditorium…

"Wow…this is a tiring day alright…" said the guy with specs.
"It was fun…I like performing for people…" said the leader Raven.
Blaise laughed "Public Service?"
"Nice one Blaise!" said Raven as he throws his towel to Blaise.
"Hey, watch it man!" Blaise complains.
"Yeah Raven's right it, was fun. I got to meet lots of girls!" Jason said.
"Not that again Jason." warned Drake.
"Eh? Hey man!" said Jason, as he bammed Ran's back, because he was too quiet. "What's with that bear? You didn’t give it to anyone?"
"Yeah…got a hard time finding who..." Ran said in a deep voice.
"Hey, it’s not that hard! You just got to..." Jason paused as Ran stood up.
"HEY!! COOL OFF!! HEYY!!!" Jason shouts as Ran left the room.
"He's always like that…" said Blaise.
"Forgive him, he just reached his puberty!" Raven said as he laughs.
"Come on guys! You're mean. Don’t say that Raven, as if yours didn’t turn out like Ran's!" Drake said.
"Listen to the Einstein! Woohoo!!" said Blaise.
Raven, Drake and Blaise looked around. And they noticed Jason was gone too.

While in the hallway, Ran was walking silently.

"Oh…I'm s-sorry..." said Ran "Are you alright...?" he offers his hand.
"Oh…I'm okay…I can manage.." The girl stood up and looks whom she bumped. Akede froze like she saw a ghost.
"Ummm…? Miss…?" Ran said. He sighed and looked at the stuff toy he was holding, he gently put it on Akede's hand.
Akede was back on the real world. "H-huh?!" She looked around until she noticed there was a bear on her hands. She smiled and said "Thank you…Ran…" she cuddles the bear and went off.

A smile came out on Ran's face as he went off back to the auditorium…

to be continued...

Night 4: Surprise Concert

Night 4: Surprise Concert

The guys looked at the girls and the girls looked at them, too. Then after a few seconds the boys went on their way inside the auditorium. As soon as the guys were out of sight, the girls screamed their lungs out.

"AAAAAAAAIIIIIIIEEEEEE~~~~!!!!" screamed by the girls.
"WHOOOOOAAAAA!!!!!" the boys were amazed on how cool Ten-Nights were.

While the girls, they are all shocked, and they started to scream together with the other girls.

"They are so cute!! Especially Raven!!" Ding shouted.
"Jason looked at me eye to eye." said Aioni, as she put her hands on her cheek all dreamy.
"Blaise smiled at me. I could faint right here!" Fira shouted and proud.
"Drake…is so dreamy." Iris said getting all jelly.
"Oh, come on. They just looked at us, and we saw them as well. Besides, we'll see them later when they perform." Akede told them.
"What do you mean?!" they all shouted at her.
"I saw how you stared at Ran. I bet you didn't want them to leave." Fira told her.
"Well…not really." Akede blushed.
The school moderator goes out of the auditorium and looked at the students. "Please go inside, and observe silence."
All of the students came in hastily.
"Hey, let's go now. We need to get front seats." Iris said.
"Yes, I agree. I'm going to throw a fit if we don't." Ding said.
"Why don't we just get something to eat for their performance, and one of us will save the seats?" Aioni suggested.
"That's a great idea! But who will save the seats?" Fira said.
"I'll do it, I'll save the seats. Just make sure you won't take too long." Akede suggested.
"Okay, it's decided. Don't worry Akede, we'll only take a while." Ding told her.

Akede went to the to the auditorium where Ten-Nights was going to perform to save good seats. Meanwhile Fira, Aioni, Ding and Iris were getting some popcorn and drinks for them while watching Ten-Nights performing. As they went in the auditorium, there were already lots of girls at their seats. They saw Akede waving at them. They went towards Akede and sat down in their seats.

"You got great seats Akede." Iris said as she sits to the chair.
The other girls have their seats and took a zip in their drinks because they were all excited. The girls can’t help but to giggle and go 'eekish'.
"Shh! Keep quiet! I think it's about to start." Aioni said.
"So everybody, are all of you ready for Ten-Nights to perform?" the announcer asked.
"Yes!" the audience shouted.
"So, I won't make you wait any longer. Here they are Raven, Blaise, Drake, Jason and Ran. Please give them a round of applause, Ten-Nights!"

The girls started to scream and the five girls joined as well. They can’t help but to shout the group's name.
Then before the opening number smoke came out from the stage. Then they heard a voice, then light flashes to the stage and there they saw the leader of the group, Raven, singing. Then there were four guys on his back. Until the beat of the song becomes lively, the four guys started to dance and sing. The other people can’t help but to scream and sing with them. Aioni, Fira, Ding, Iris and Akede can’t help it, too. They scream. They didn’t even mind about the popcorn and the drinks. They just continue on enjoying the Night's concert. Until the first number ended…They stop and stand side-by-side, and all together they say…

"HEY! GUYS!!!"

The girls go gaga-all over and greeted "HI!!!!"
The five girls were blushing and all.

"Hello students of Hisachiko High school!" Drake smiled as he waves at them.
"We bet you know us already, Ten Nights." Blaise started as the four of them laugh.
"Of course they know us." Raven said, smiling. "We picked your school for our surprise concert, and we hope that you will like the things that we prepared for you." adds Raven.
"So let’s get this show going guys!" said Jason. "Are girls ready?!" asked Jason as he points the mic to the crowd.
The girls screams and said, "Yes!!"
"So let’s not waste time! Here's are next performance..." Drake said, the four of them looked at the ever-so-quiet Ran.
A deep voice spoke "Bad person..."

Then the music starts and the guys proceed to their position and perform the second number. They were dancing gracefully and they move so cool to the R&B music that they were performing.

Screams, Voices, Sighs…Blushes…

to be continued...

Night 3: Wish

Night 3: Wish

It was a sunny day. And the students are busy with all the activities inside the class. But there were these 5 girls who are very disturbed and really have a 'busy' mind. After the morning class its their break time. In the school feild,under a sakura tree.

"I'm still very disturbed of this 'surprise concert'." started Akede while she opens her lunchbox.
"Oh...please...don't say that they held it already... I'll be really sad if its held already..." said Fira.
"Don't think like that! The news didn't have anything yet about the concert." Ding smiled as she's about eat her maki.
"But I really really wish that they'll pick our school... I'll feel sooooo special when they pick ours!" Aioni said, starting to get dreamy.

Iris is as quiet as an ice.
"Eh? Doushite Iris-chan? What's wrong?" Fira asked.
"You don't like your kimchi?" Ding added, smiling at her
"EH?! Nothings wrong...well...not really..." murmured Iris.
"Well...share it with us..." Akede said as she sits besides Iris.
"You really want to know it?" Iris asked.
The four girls nodded and sits closer to Iris.
"What is it Iris? Hurry up, the suspense is killing me!" demanded Fira.

Iris started to speak up...
"A while ago when I'm going to the hallway exit, I passed by the Principal's Office. I don't know if I'm just seeing things or what. I saw...Raven...went inside the office door..."

The other four was in silence, looking at Iris.
"Wh-what?!" Iris paniced.
The four girls blushed and screams and jumps for joy!
"I LOVE YOU IRIS!" said Fira as she hugs Iris.
"YATTA!!! Eeek!! I feel so special now!!" said Aioni getting giggly.
"Raven..........." Ding whispered, and she's starting to blush.
"I really hope that's true Iris! I really want to see them all in person!" Akede has a big smile on her face when she said that.

They were all happy. And of course they keep it a secret so nobody would know. As breaktime ended the five girls went back to their classroom.Now they can't even more concentrate now that they know... As the clock ticks, the students hear the sound of the mic in the speakers of their classroom.

The principal speaks... "All students please proceed to the auditorium entrance now. Kindly form your line as you go. Thank you."

At class 3b. Aioni, Ding, and Akede blushed and looked at each other. All of them are excited. While at the other class, Fira and Iris have smiles on their face as they go out of the room. While the other students are wondering why the principal wants them to proceed to the auditorium.

All students are in their lines, waiting beside the entrance of the auditorium. There was silence...and suddenly the students hear footsteps.The five girls holds hands, their heartbeats in a fast pace.

"OH MY GOD!!" shouted the girl from the other class.

All of the students looked where that girl was looking. There they are...
Jason...walking behind the principal. All of the students, including the five girls have a shocked face...

It is Ten-Nights...

to be continued....

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Night 2: They are Tooya

Ten-Nights/Tooya (*Tooya is another name for Ten-Nights)

Night 2: They are Tooya

It was a tiring day, so they decided to have a sleepover at Akede's house. All of them were so tired so they have snacks and a nap.

As night came they got nothing to do so they open the TV and search for some good shows.

"So...boring..." Aioni moaned as she clicks the channel button on the controller.
"Ne~ check out MTV let’s see if there's any Ten-Nights." suggested Fira.
"Hai hai! Go Aioni let’s see, let’s see!" Iris insists.

Aioni switches the channel to MTV and they hear a faded sound of a familiar music.

"Hm? Can you hear that?" Fira asked.
"Yeah… I know this song…" Aioni said, listening gripe to the music.

"If you wanna like a winner [How you wanna be?]
Wonhandamyon hejugo shipho [Is you down for me?]"

"Its Wild Eyes!" said Akede, while going to the sofa holding some snacks.
"Its Ten-Nights single!" said Ding as she sits on the couch.

The girls were so happy seeing Ten-Nights music video. But they were happier when the five guys from the Nights appeared.

"Hi guys!" says the VJ.
"Hello!" say the 5 guys.

"So...we see that you just recently released your new album. And I heard it was a hit!"
"Uh…Yes. But we never imagined that it will be sold out so fast." a deep voice spoke. He has long hair, he was wearing a blue glass shades and his face was smooth and kind of serious. He's the leader Raven.
"Yeah! We never imagined, but were very thankful." says the guy who has specs with gray hair. He has a very gentle smiling face and he salutes as a sign of thanks. He's Drake.
"So…could you tell us about your new album?" asked the VJ.
With that question, the guy with smooth brown hair answered it and explains every bit. He was Blaise.
The guy with the spike hair and shades, which is Jason, jokes around as Blaise explains about the album by faking that he'll kiss him on the cheek.
The other two, Drake and Raven, laugh silently.
At the end of the sofa, there was a guy who is very quiet. He has red hair and a golden earring in his right ear. He has a cold and quiet face. He's Ran.
"So any activities coming up?"
The camera focused on Ran.
"Huh? Raven..." pointed Ran.
Jason laughed and Raven smiled sheepishly saying 'say it'.
"Uh…we have this some…sort of a surprise concert…" Ran said as he looks at Raven.
Raven smiled and continues on "We'll pick a certain school here in the city."
"The school that we will pick will be the place of our 'Surprise Concert'." Blaise explained.
"So its a 'surprise' because the people wouldn’t know where the concert will be? And they wouldn’t know when?" said the VJ.
"Exactly!" Drake smiles.
"So watch out peeps! Who knows, maybe your school will be picked!" says Jason.
"Thank you guys! Before we end the show, here's the clip from their new single 'Deep Sorrow'. Please watch. Thanks guys!" the VJ said as she bows to the guys.
The 5 guys bowed down, too. And say goodbye to the viewers.
The screen fades in black and the video started.

The 5 girls were speechless… All in their minds were the 'Surprise Concert'. Before they go to sleep, they pray that their school will be picked. Everyday would be an exciting day...if ever that concert will happen... They'll never know if it is their school…and when it would be.....

to be continued...

Monday, April 11, 2005

Night 1: Our Dream

In the Mirage Stadium, there was an on-going concert and it’s obvious who is performing… The popular boy-group…Ten Nights.

*** Ten Nights performing "Hey Come On" (by Shinhwa) ***

"Hey! Guys!"

"Eh? What is it Fira?" a girl looks back to see who it is.
"Have you heard about the concert in the Mirage Stadium?" asked Fira as she sits on the chair.
"OOOHH!! ^^ You mean the concert of Ten-Nights?" said Akede who is starting to go giggly inside.
"Uh-huh! I heard the concert was a BLAST!!" Fira said.
"Too bad we can’t go. ^^;"Ding continued...having a disappointed face.
"Yeah…we’re all prohibited to go out…well…except Fira." Iris agreed.
"HUH? Come on Iris, don't look at me like that!" Fira answered looking at Iris, kind of guilty.
"But… will be so cute to see them" Aioni said while touching her cheeks, being so dreamy.
"Yeah…" sighed the other girls.
Then Fira gets all mushy-gushy and said "Then, when we meet them we'll have a date with them…and it is Blaise who I get to go with!!" The four girls looked at her.
"Control yourself Fira…" said Ding patting her back.

*Bell rings*

"Hm? Oops! Iris we got to go now, class is about to start." said Fira.
"Yes. See you later Aioni, Ding, Akede" bid Iris.
"Ja! ^^" Says all of them.


At class…

Ding; (writing on her notebook) 'Ten-Nights…hmm…How come I'm beginning to stick with that group… I always say in my mind that I hate boy-groups… Well thanks to Iris, she got me to cope up with the band..'


Iris: Ne ne~ Ding have you seen the new boy-group?
Aioni: You mean Ten-Nights?
Iris: Uh-huh!
Ding: Boy-group? I’m not interested…
Akede: Well, I tell you they're pretty different
Iris: *nods*


When class ends .The girls meet up at the park.

"So, let’s get going girls!" Fira said, ready for action.
"Wa~ shall we? But..but…" Iris hesitates, holding Fira back.
"It’s okay Iris. We'll just be going to the record bar… Nothing will harm us there."said Ding.
Aioni and Akede looked at Ding. "Nothing will harm us?"
Fira interfered "Quit it guys! Yes, yes…a mob of girls will hurt us!"
"Waaah-when~~" Iris goes jelly.
"IRIS!!!" the four shouted.
"Iris, don’t act like that!" Akede stretches Iris' cheeks.
"Teehee~" Aioni giggles.
"Come on girls! Let’s get some action!!!" Fira said as she marches, going to the record bar.

(It’s the release of Ten-Night's new album)
At the record bar the girls are prepared and alert for the 'danger' that awaits them.

"Here they come!" Akede shouts.

The five girls gets ready for that 'danger', guarding the stand of the CDs... Until…


"Thank you very much… Please come again…"

"And that's the last one..." Ding said as she falls to the floor.
"That was a pretty nice 'danger'…they're all so cute!" Fira said having nerves in her head as she sweeps the floor.
"That's why I don’t want to go here…" Iris explains as she wipes the stand.
"They were really so nice… The stand was really empty…with just a glimpse of the eye." Aioni said.
"Good thing they didn’t think of getting the stand too!!" Akede added.

The girls clean the store. Thank goodness nobody came after that mob of girls. They were all bored listening to some sappy music until somebody came in. The girls looked at the door as one of them greeted the customer.

"Good afternoon sir, may I help you?" asked Akede.

The customer just looked around the store, as the other four keeps quiet, staring at him. The customer was a guy, a tall one, he has spiked hair, and it’s obvious he used gel. He wears a sweater and loose cargo pants and his shades matches his outfit. Yes! He was a total hunk!

"Miss, do you have a copy of Ten-Night's album?" said the guy with a very coooo~ool voice.
Akede blushed "Um...I'm so sorry but were out of stock."
"’s okay. Thanks anyway..." the customer walks his way to the door and goes out. After the guy left there was complete silence.

"Ummm..." Fira started.
"So...?" Iris followed.
"Have you seen him..? So what?" Aioni continued.
"All I can say is he's cool..." Ding answered.
"H...he..he's...." Akede whispers.
The girls looked at each other and scream "JASON LEE!!!"

All of them started to jump for joy and they laugh and giggle until they were left on the floor, so tired. Still shocked of seeing one of the members of the popular boy-group, Ten-Nights. It is really a small world.

to be continued…


(Uhm... Yeah... This fiction was made a few years ago... Uhm... This fiction is made by a group of cute anime loving, fan cition writing girls. And I'm proud to be one of them! Hehehe! Hope you all enjoy the fiction! :) I know I did... Uhm... Here are the character and a few pictures...

The Main Characters:

Ding Lee
Iris Ice
Aioni Yuki
Akede Sha

(Ten-Nights is a band, okay?)
Ten-Nights Members:
-Raven Avalon (leader, vocalist)
-Drake Wallace (vocalist, bridge)
-Blaise Hover (vocalist, choreographer)
-Ran Fujimiya (rap, vocalist)
-Jason Lee (rap, vocalist, choreographer)

Well, this is our 'anime' side! Hehe! Fira, Aioni (Uhm Regin was changed to Aioni), Ding, Iris and Akede. Ehehe! I'm Akede! :P This was drawn by Elie!

This is the drawing of Ten-Nights! Actually this is just a sketch by Elie! But its so cool, right? Blaise, Jason, Raven, Drake and Ran! Ran is my...uhm...'love interest' in the fiction >.<...

Uhm...Yeah...A solo picture of Ran... Also drawn by Elie... Uhm... Yeah... Thats about it...